Dance Performance—2015

  • P. Polys Peslikas

Elena Antoniou goes on with her research on Samuel Beckett’s Rockaby. Τhe artist calls into question our identities as human beings and how we interact with the world around us. The separation between the standing still posture of a woman, pulsed light and the animalistic posture of another creature create the framework for the issues addressed in “Rockaby” – self identity, self control in communication with outsiders, consciousness and death.

time she stopped
going to and fro
all eyes
all sides
high and low
for another
another like herself
another creature like herself

From Rockaby (1980) Samuel Beckett


CHOREOGRAPHY AND PERFORMANCE Elena Antoniou // ART DIRECTOR Polys Peslikas // MUSIC Stavros Gasparatos // LIGHTING DESIGNER Alexander Jotovic // SPONSORED BY the Cultural Services of the Ministry of Education and Culture of Cyprus // CO-ORGANIZED BY Rialto Theater in the frame of the 15th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform


16th Cyprus Contemporary Dance Platform
Rialto Theater—March 2015